• Looking to buy a home in 2017?

    The Fall Market is coming! If you’re in the market to buy your first home, there’s a lot you need to know.


    Attend and learn how to position yourself in this competitive home buying market. We’ll give you priority access to the homes that meet your criteria, help you find the best home for your needs, AND negotiate your lowest price…all with the least amount of hassle.


    Is now a good time to buy a home? The benefits of buying vs. renting

    The Buying Process

    • The role of a good Realtor - why it makes sense to have someone representing your interests.
    • Home Options - Detached, Semi-Detached, Link, Condo
    • Steps to buying a home and what not to do - the Top 10 Home Buying Mistakes
    • Buying an investment property as your first home
    • How to find exclusive and non exclusive hot properties that are not listed on MLS
    • Find the right home and make a fair priced offer
    • Making an offer to purchase: What is involved?
    • Moving checklists for a successful move
    • Additional housing costs to be aware of
    • What happens on closing day?
    • Role of a lawyer, appraiser, home inspector and other professionals
    • Why get pre-qualified for a mortgage?


    • What is the role of the lawyer?
    • Legal issues of purchasing a home
    • What is Title Insurance and why do I need it?
    • Closing costs: What are all the fees? LTT rebate for first time buyers
    • What are the costs involved, and when do I need to hire my lawyer?


    • Budgeting - finding how much you can afford
    • How much do I need for my down payment? Down payment assistance.
    • Using your RRSP to buy a home: How much can you take out? When do you have pay it back?
    • CHMC/ Genworth and mortgage default insurance
    • Improving your credit - how your credit score affects your loan application
    • Types of mortgage, mortgage terms and expected additional fees
    • Rent to own? Is it a good option?
    • First time home buyer's program - tax credit and grants.
    • Programs for: new Immigrants, self-employed, below average credit
    • How to apply for pre-approved mortgage

    Home Inspection

    • Why do I need a home inspection?
    • What is involved?
    • What to look for when buying a new or older home

    Property Insurance

    • What types of coverage are available?
    • What are the top issues with insuring a home?
    • When do I need to think about insurance?
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